Water Supply

HUDCO has funded maximum number of water supply projects in the country which include augmentation, rehabilitation, extension as well as new schemes for un-serviced areas. Stress is laid on formulation of schemes as per manual of CPHEEO emphasizing minimum supply of potable water to the population for design period of 30 years and implementation of financially and economically viable schemes with full cost recovery.

HUDCO has funded development of source- wier/barrage/river intake, transmission lines, conventional treatment plants, storage facilities - sumps, OHT (architectural designs), distribution network, pumping stations, energy saving devises, water audits - leakage detection systems, metering, aquifer recharge, etc. HUDCO has funded water supply projects to Water Supply & Sewerage Boards of the States, ULBs, PHE departments, Jeevan Pradhikaran, EPC contracts with Private participation, Trusts, etc. HUDCO has also participated in the projects planned with Bond investments by the States. HUDCO help State governments in taking up their own water supply schemes for small and medium towns with part support by the State government based on innovative funding mechanism.

HUDCO contribution has helped the Nation in increasing the coverage of population with water supply of desirable quality and quantity. The target now is to provide 100% continuous water supply to all the urban population so that quality of water supply is better and overall cost at household level is lower.