Environmental Engineering

HUDCO has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals’viz. Environmental Engineers, Civil Engineers, Architects, Planners etc.

HUDCO offers the consultancy services in the following area:

  1. Source and compilation of data
  2. Preliminary studies based on available data.
  3. Field Surveys and Investigations.
  4. Preliminary resources and demand surveys investigations.
  5. Preliminary soil investigations and mapping.
  6. Detailed topographic surveys.
  7. Pre-feasibility studies, comparing alternatives and formulation of viable project concept.

Feasibility Studies/Planning Project Formulation

  1. Scrutiny and review/processing of data
  2. Field studies including investigation and surveys.
  3. Study of Development potential
  4. Engineering studies and designs.
  5. Socio-economic and other sectoral studies.
  6. System analysis and comparison of costs and benefits.
  7. Development Programme and evaluation.
  8. Preparation of alternative financing plants.
  9. Preparation of detailed feasibility/planning reports.
  10. Market socio-economic and resource surveys.
  11. Model testing of hydraulic structures.
  12. Environmental impact assessment studies.
  13. Environmental audit.

Water Supply, Sewerage And Storm Water Drainage

  1. Preparation of Master Plan.
  2. Topographical surveys, alignment surveys.
  3. Preparation of detailed designs.
  4. Drawings and cost estimates.
  5. System layout and designs including distribution networks.
  6. Design of intake structures and treatment plants.
  7. Tender documents and specifications.
  8. Water purification and treatment.
  9. Sewage treatment and disposal.
  10. Waste water treatment and recycling.