Implementing Agencies

State Government Bodies

  1. Housing Boards/Corporations.
  2. Rural Housing Boards/Corporations.
  3. Slum Clearance Boards.
  4. Development Authorities.
  5. Improvement Trusts.
  6. Municipal Corporations/Councils.
  7. Police Housing Corporations.

Co-operative Societies

Apex Housing Co-operative Federations.

Corporate Employers

  1. Public Sector.
  2. Private Sector.

Community Sector *

  1. NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization).
  2. CBOs (Community Based Organizations/Voluntary Bodies).
* As on date, HUDCO does not consider loan to NGO/CBOs.

Private Builders.#

#Since March 2013, HUDCO does not extend further loans to Real Estate Private Sector till overall decision is taken regarding funding to Private Real Estate Sector. However, loan is extended to Private Sector agencies for proposals approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation under the programme "Affordable Housing in Partnership"

Joint Sectors.

Individuals (Retail).